Maple Ice Cream

A fabulous fall treat, maple ice cream made with premium Grade A pure maple syrup can't go wrong. 

Still going with the crazy week. But that is just NO FUN AT ALL to continue talking about. So......LET'S TALK ABOUT THE CRAZY FUN WEEKEND AHEAD! 

Saturday: Boston! I'm gonna go get my cannoli on! I've done all the touristy things before, and most likely will do them again on Saturday, but I'm going to mostly be a happy tag-along to whatever my friends want to do, except for the cannoli. Hmmmm. Maybe I should do a taste test of cannolis? That's a great day! 

Sunday: Pumpkin Regatta Races! We are going to the [at least 6th annual] Giant Pumpkin Regatta in Goffstown, New Hampshire! That means 500 pound pumpkins hollowed out into kayaks and raced down the river! To kick the day off they have a "Pumpkin Drop" to welcome in the pumpkin catapults, pumpkin pie eating contest (that we simply MUST enter), a pumpkin shopping cart race.....I don't know what that means either, mini pumpkin races, and of course, THE REGATTA! So fun! 

Monday: Scenic drive through some lesser known New York sites, beautiful groves, and breathtaking views. 

I'm so looking forward to this more than ideal fall weekend! To kick it off, here is some more than ideal fall ice cream! 

Maple Ice Cream

2 eggs
3/4 cups sugar
2 cups cream
1 cup milk
1 1/3 cup grade A pure maple syrup

In a stand mixer combine the eggs and sugar.  Beat for one minute until light and fluffy. 

Gently mix in the cream, milk  and maple syrup. 

Transfer the mixture to an ice cream maker. Allow the ice cream to churn until finished and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions.