Steelers Sandwiches

If you haven't ever tried a Primanti Brother's sandwich you are missing out. This gourmet take on the classic Pittsburgh restaurants sandwiches are a must have for the Super Bowl. 
Steelers Sandwiches recipe from
Super Bowl preparations are on the way around my place. My friend Bill has been cracking me up. I get a near daily text message about food...

"how about 'foods with either cheese and/or sausage in them'"
"Okay, you got the 'beer', and i'll work on the other two in the Wisconsin holy trinity: brats and cheese :)" 
"actually, I was thinking....maple syrup is a get out of jail free card." 
"I know....I LOVE Vermont!" 
"I love Vermont too BUT......" 
"Can you bring some brats?" 
[internal monologue: "didn't we already decide that?"]

Hahaha. I left out the part where Bill wanted to get Lake Michigan White Fish. Fish for the Super Bowl? I'm not feeling that either. Unless it's a fish stick, covered in cheese, wrapped in bacon, doused in gravy. It's the Super Bowl! Healthy foods like fish? Mmmmm, no. Now brats, that is something I am all about. DC has this fun hot dog restaurant DC-3 that does themed dogs from all over the country, and some from around the world (like a bulgolgi dog! so intrigued!). My plan is to get some brats, and make up a Steelers and Green Bay inspired brat.....which will hands down taste better than any Lake Michigan Maple White Fish, no doubt about that!

I actually wrote an article for the DC Examiner earlier this week about Super Bowl Food Dos and Don'ts. If you want my full list of what to serve it's at that link. My personal faves are serving pierogis (I know that was a little too 2010 but it's also a little local Pittsburgh flavor), NOT serving cupcakes. So. Over. That., and of course, the Primanti Brother's sandwiches. I mean, really, how can a sandwich with french fries be a bad thing? This sandwich is a spin off of the sandwich that I (and my Iron Chef Teammate Jonathan) made for Iron Chef Mint. It's DELICIOUS. Occasionally Jonathan will just say "Oh man, remember that sandwich...that was soooooo goooood!" It was easily the sandwich of my dreams.

I hope you enjoy this, and have a great Super Bowl weekend! And I'm sorry about this slight "After School Special Moment" but I have to say. Don't drink and drive. Eat and drive. It's safer for everyone. :)

Steelers Sandwiches, Primanti Brother’s Style

1 cup mayonnaise, divided
1 tablespoon BBQ sauce
1/3 cup (packed) finely chopped fresh mint
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
2 tablespoons minced shallot
1 teaspoon sugar

1 loaf of bread or dozen dinner rolls
½ cup pepper jack cheese
1 pound sliced ham, or turkey breast

2 cups cooked French fries
½ cup cole slaw
1 tomato sliced

Preheat oven to 350.

Mix 1/2 cup mayonnaise and BBQ sauce in small bowl. Mix 1/2 cup mayonnaise, mint, and next 4 ingredients in another small bowl.

Spread chili mayonnaise over bottom piece of bread. Layer with cheeses, and pork. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Spoon mint mayonnaise over top of pork.

Top with any remaining cheese, fries and top halves of bread.

Cook until bread is golden brown, about 4-8 minutes. Remove tops and garnish with cole slaw and tomatoes. Serve warm.