The "Mug" Brownie

Okay. You got me. That is NOT a mug brownie. It's a ramekin brownie. If you are truly attached to baking in a mug, no worries. It works just the same. 

Fact is I find mug recipes to be flawed. Mugs aren't easy to clean brownie off of and I have to say that that most mug brownie recipes are crazy huge! I cannot finish them. And the worst is that if you do the math that's a nearly six hundred calorie brownie!!!! I do NOT need a six hundred calorie brownie to be easy to make in two minutes. Nope. It's just not for me.... at least not until they invent the six hundred calorie workout that only takes two minutes!

So. Here's my recipe. It's scaled down. It's a good size for one person. Plus it's only 200 calories. Now that I can handle! 

So. Confession: I've made at least ten of these in the last two weeks. 

Yup. That happened. 

And I have a few recommendation from my trip down the mug brownie rabbit hole.  
  • If you like mint brownies, chop up an Andes chocolate mint (or use Andes chips if you have them) and throw it in. It's a personal favorite. 
  • Do not add toffee chips. It ends in a gooey mess. 
  • Adding a tsp. of mini chocolate chips is also very nice.
  • This may be the only time I do not prefer Dutch process cocoa. Natural cocoa works great! 

Happy microwave baking!