The Christmas Countdown!

As it turns out I have one of the craftiest, cutest mothers in the world. Today I opened a package and found a few glorious things inside. 
My mother sent me a package!!! She's always been good with packages. When I was Elle Woods from Legally Blonde for Halloween I recieved a package full of everything from pink slippers, to pink nail polish, and pink scarfs. I own glittery shamrocks, pumpkin table runners, and nearly my entire movie collection thanks to these packages that started my freshman year of college.

This package has easily topped them all.

I opened a very large box to find instructions and 25 decorated match box magnets decorated for the holiday season! SO CUTE! When I opened the first one it said to open envelope 1, which instructed me to buy a Christmas wreath for my front door! My mother is adorable!

So now I have a wreath with berries and pine cones hanging  on my bright red front door, calling out Christmas cheer to anyone who looks out way.

I'm very excited to see what is in all the match boxes! Not to mention the numbered gifts that go with them!
day 1: wreath a symbol of the never ending nature of love...having no beginning and no end. 
Day 2: Cookies! An envelope filled with Cookie Recipes! 
day three: TREE! my mother bought me silicone bake ware in the shape of trees! you'll see these in an upcoming post for sure!
day four: candles! i was instructed to go a buy some pretty ribbons and such to make a lovely display in my home with these battery powered candles! so cute! 
Day Five: This one won't have a pictures. I opened up the envelope for day five only to find another envelope inside for me to give to someone else. My instructions were to write a letter to my cousin J.D. who is currently serving out of the country and will not be with us this Christmas. It's not photogenic, and it's not a flashy present, but I think it might have the most holiday spirit out of any of the gifts yet. I'm proud of my cousin and am very happy to wish him a merry Christmas!
day 6: STAR! I received lovely star shaped red and green ramekins!
day 7: MUSIC! I got a gift card instructing me to buy Christmas music! 
day 8: GIFTS! yay! I got a nice little parcel with a nice little gift bow that had a lovely gift card in it! 
Day 9: A chocolate orange in honor of the sweet story of the Christmas Orange and the true meaning of Christmas!

Day 10: Baby, It's Cold outside! My mother gave me some money and told me to buy clothes to bundle up in! I NEED THEM SO MUCH!

Day 11: Give Service! My matchbox had a note in it telling me to do some small acts of service around my house for my roommates. :)

Day 12: Give Thanks! I received a box full of thank you cards and envelopes for me to send out to people who have helped me this year!

Day 13: Give Treats! Pictures coming soon! Butchie and I spent all Monday night baking up a storm for our holiday gift boxes! Gingersnaps, oatmeal cookies, truffles, hot chocolate, etc. Posts coming soon!

Day 14: Give Meals! My mother gave me money with the instructions to take someone to lunch. :) It's me, so I gave the money to the Capital Area Food Bank. I just took 60 less fortunate people to lunch. They do great work with the money they get.

Day 15: Give Money! My mother gave me money with instructions to give it to someone in need. It's been below freezing for days, so I'm grateful I haven't seen many homeless on the streets. I am hoping they are in warm shelters, and not hospitals. Please, if you live in cold areas, below freezing look for a hypothermia hotline in your area.

HYPOTHERMIA HOTLINE: I can give money, and I can meals, but one thing I wish more people knew about was the DC hypothermia hotline. I'm sure there are others elsewhere. I can't give every homeless individual a place to sleep during the cold winters, but I can call the people who can. If you live outside of DC please look for one in your area.

So many more to come! I'll update daily! :) Happy Holidays!