Orange Honey

The bright citrus notes are perfect for using in place of honey for any recipe, simply adding a light orange highlight. It's a perfect for a garden party, as it's beautiful on cranberry scones, and a perfect addition to tea.  
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I personally love Fat Tuesday. I love the name implying that for one day a year it is perfectly acceptable to eat four cupcakes in one sitting without guilt, which I did. It's Fat Tuesday after all! It's required by name! Put down the slim-fast, loosen your belt, and indulge in all the greatness of fat and sugar. Mmmmmm, fat and sugar! It's the kind of holiday I can really get behind, and if lent wasn't attached to it, I'd love it all the more. It's practically a second Thanksgiving, only club style with beads, music, and the obligatory sequined costume parade. But, since they are a packaged deal, I simply have to give up something. I guess since I don't belong to a religion that participates I don't actually have to, but I probably should if for no other reason than to loose the five pounds I gained in one day. 

I've been racking my brain for something amazing to give up, party so I can rub it in peoples faces that I gave up something harder than theirs. I've given up everything from soda and sugar, to television or dating. This year I've had no great ideas. I thought about going Vegan, but with how many times PETA members have ambushed me outside the Metro I simply can't do it, not because I don't love animals, or love Vegans, but because I hate street peddlers pushing their views in my face. How many times do I have to tell you that I do not have a minute to talk to you?! And the poor fellow who read from a script saying "You look like a woman who loves animals!" He asked for it: "YEP! I'm wearing five of them right now." I shouldn't be so brazen, but I get at least three of these people a day between shopping at Whole Foods and going to the Metro. It's gotten rather taxing over the last three years. Trying to come up with the most outrageous responses is all I can do to keep my sanity. 

I also considered giving up sugar again, then I remembered that I have a DC food bloggers dessert night tonight. Fail. Here I am 11 am and undecided. I've already had sugar, and milk so my two fore-runners are out. Thus, I have decided to take the middle ground: No meat. I love meat. It is a sacrifice for me, well not so much poultry. I hate poultry; love pigs, love cows, hate chickens. I figure it will be a good balance as I have been invited to judge a BBQ convention a few weeks after lent ends. I can make up for all my lost meat then.

I lieu of my not eating animals for a while, may I present my first recipe that does not involve an animal: Orange Honey. Thankfully bee labor does not count when you are cooking with honey. The bright citrus notes are perfect for using in place of honey for any recipe, simply adding a light orange highlight. It's a perfect for a garden party, as it's beautiful on cranberry scones, and a perfect addition to tea.


Can be used for:

Orange Honey
(makes a half pint orange honey)

1 1/3 cup orange juice
1 tablespoon orange zest
1 cup honey

Preheat oven to 200. Put a half pint jar, lid and ring on a baking sheet in the oven.

Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan. Cook over medium heat until thickened and a candy thermometer reads 220 (about half an hour).

Pour orange honey into the prepared jar. Wipe the bring of any sprills and place lid and ring around securely. Invert the jar, lid side down, until cooled.

Will store at least one year, if not longer.