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My fake summer vacation kick off has me feeling like a kid again. The universe is even on my side. At trivia on Tuesday we had a little girls dream category: Rainbows, Unicorns and Teddy Bears. I'm not kidding. I'm also proud to say that, yes, I in fact do know that America  sang all the music the the 1982 film The Last Unicorn and yes that was one of my favorite childhood movies. Two points for my team!

Last night I kept up the trend with kickball. Best game ever, except for one thing: we lose every game. Last night was a crushing 0-14 loss. CRUSHING. The thing is, when you were kids, you had a teacher or adult somewhere usually that would keep you from pushing, shoving, and most of the men didn't have so much testosterone coursing through their measly little wimpy nine year old bodies.....not that I don't enjoy occasionally seeing a drunk twenty something Charlie Sheen impersonator take a swing at my friends (last night he came in a blonde goddess wig. classy) but.......not cool dude. It's adult kickball at 6:30 on a Thursday.....but you're Charlie Sheen incarnate. I'm kinda over Charlie Sheen so I'm hoping this guy pulls his act together soon.

Today's childhood happiness? Not unicorns, or teddy bears or kickball or eating m&m's for breakfast (which I did) no it's lollipops. Donut-pops actually. Cake-pops have been all the rage, a cute little bite of cake on a stick. who wouldn't love that? Well, donut holes are nothing new, but now (drum roll)...... on a stick! :)

It's not so much a recipe, as a concept. Make donuts. Put the holes onto lollipop sticks. Enjoy!

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