Welcome to Cherry Tea Cakes, a blog devoted to food and life and my little adventures. I'm Jana, a twenty something Arizonan currently living and baking in Washington, D.C.

I started writing Cherry Tea Cakes (a play on words a friend thought up) at the same time I was considering what comes next with my practical career in politics. Like many in D.C., I came to change the world...unlike many I quickly realized I make the world a much better place with baked goods than party politics.

How it works:

My blog is small business as of this year!!! The Cherry Tea (charity) aspect comes in with my profits. What I make over expenses I donate to local food banks. Sometimes it's a little, sometimes it's a lot but it's always an adventure.

To Donate:

You can donate money via Paypal at donate@cherryteacakes.com or skip over me as the middle man and donate to a local food bank near you!

Donations to Cherry Tea Cakes are used towards the productions costs which in turn, means more money donated to charity at the end.

If you choose to donate ingredients please contact me via email at jana@cherryteacakes.com

Baking With Butchie:

On Monday nights I get together with one of my dear friends from college who lives in Virginia. We spend our week emailing back and forth over what we will make the following Monday. So many emails are required because of our "creative differences." If you are ever wondering why there are so many lemon recipes on this site thank [read: blame] Butchie. She loves lemon. [As all right-thinking people should. --B]

Butchie is the nickname I have for my friend. A few years ago, for her birthday, I wandered in a local chocolate shop and asked the sales clerk to help me pick out chocolates for chocolate snob. As the clerk and I discussed how I'd first come to the shop with my friend the year before to get some hot chocolate, it became apparent that he was, shall we say, misinterpreting our relationship. I rushed back to my work office and immediately related the story to her. She was dismayed, not because the clerk assumed we were a couple, but as she says, "No! Because that means I'm the butch one!" [Have you seen that photo on the contact page? We are all butch by comparison. --B] So: she is Butchie. I get to be Poodle.

Butchie is my co-conspirator on these baking nights, so it would only be fair to let her speak up too. She'll be the one posting snarky comments in parentheses [such as, "this is all going to be very ridiculous" --B].

If you want to get in touch with Butchie you can reach her at: butchie@cherryteacakes.com