Chocolate Collars

Chocolate collars going around the outside of a cake are simply one of the fastest and easiest ways to take a cake from ordinary to fabulous! Got five minutes, chocolate and wax paper? You're good to go. 
Happy birthday to me!

Yes, this beautiful  cake was my birthday cake on Sunday! My own personal cake that is. I made a second cake for everyone else. It's my birthday. I don't want to share my cake on my birthday. Ha ha. You might judge me for it, but deep down, you know you really want to do the same. Besides it's not like I didn't let them have any cake! I made a four layer chocolate hazelnut cake for the party! And pumpkin pies!

My good friend, Rachel, and I had a disagreement  conversation about whether or not it was okay for me to make my own birthday cake. I had to point out a few things (like how much I love making cake, and that making a pretty cake is just "what I do" with my free time) before she'd let me.

My mother gave me some new toys kitchen accessories that I have been really excited to try out: baking rings! I love stacked desserts and finally had some rings of my own to use! I am such a dork dweeb baking enthusiast! I was also pretty excited to try out making a chocolate collar, which as it turns out is super easy....just don't try to fiddle with it too much AFTER you put it on the cake. Don't believe me? See the fingerprints on the cake below? Yep. Just don't.
top: close up of chocolate collar and berries bottom: uncovered cake and chocolate hazelnut cake

Making the chocolate band is super easy!  My recommendation is keeping the chocolate decently thick, so then when it hardens fully, it won't break. :) For my birthday cake I cut a strip of wax paper that goes around the cake, andmade the band extra tall, melted some chocolate, smoothed it on, and then refrigerated for five minutes....CAREFULLY picked it up, wrapped it around and then crinkled in the chocolate. I loved the effect but getting the wax paper pulled off after it set was a tad bit tricker. 

Here's the video I used from as my guide! Good luck and have fun!