Iron Chef: Fennel

Fennel in ice cream? Oh yeah, I went there! Turns out it's tasty! 
Yes. Yes I did. I made fennel ice cream. It's ice cream year, and odds are, with the weather getting cold incredibly suddenly. I have not hit my 52 ice creams for the year.....more like....27....and that's if I include the the ice cream accessories, cheating and rounding up. Fail! I'll keep trying but it's so much harder to want ice cream when I'm freezing cold.

Iron Chef Fennel was a smashing success (a week ago!). My roommate Sunni won, making a fantastic pear and fennel salad (a week ago!). It was a smashing success (I'm feeling ashamed about not getting this posted faster!).....and if I had posted this sooner I would remember a lot of what happened or have some witty anecdote (but I don't). 

Happy Monday! I'm happy to be back to an almost normal posting schedule and almost not behind on posting recipes! 
clockwise: tortellini, falafel balls, Sunni's winning Pear and Fennel Salad, gratin, bruschetta, and fennel salad
Fennel Lemon Ice Cream 

2 eggs
3/4 cups sugar
1 tsp. lemon extract
1 tsp. ground fennel
2 cups cream
1 cup milk 

In a stand mixer combine the eggs and sugar.  Beat for one minute until light and fluffy. 
Gently mix in the cream, milk, lemon extract and fennel. 

Transfer the mixture to an ice cream maker. Allow the ice cream to churn until finished and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions.