Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cookie Mix in a Jar

It's December! Welcome to the Holiday season! To kick it off here is one great holiday gift idea: cookie mix in a jar! Perfect to take to friends and neighbors! 

Alright, I am back from vacation and the holiday season is staring me right in the face. Somehow planning my United Kingdom adventure I forgot that when I got back it would be breathing down my neck. I'm not ready. I've only done limited shopping for one friend, and one sister. So, today begins my mad dash to get gifting in order for my friends and family. You'd think seeing this jar that I'm well on my way. I am. Just not for my own people. This lovely little jar is one of forty-eight that were made for a local DC area battered women's shelter. I gathered together nearly fifty fabulous women together and we made a night of it a few weeks ago. It was really something to see so many of my friends pitching in together and making these gifts, working in teams, and really getting creative...mostly because I didn't have enough of the measurement tools we needed! Oops! I'll have to work on owning six 3/4 cup measurement cups for next year! Silly me, I only have two! 
The instructions are simple and I've included them via photo! So simple! You can download the photo and you are ready to print them for yourselves and make your own!  

Here are the instructions: 

And here is the attachment sheet alone. That way you can print multiples onto a page! 
Yep! There ya go! There's just one of the holiday ideas I'll have coming to you this month! Not to mention posts about my vacation once I get a minute to sit down and look through my photos!