Chocolate Pomegranate Ice Cream

Chocolate Pomegranate Ice Cream recipe from
The rain in DC lately has been slowing eating away at my reserves of happiness I store up on the days when it's above 60 and sunny. I very much believe that I somehow am a person who runs on solar power. Going for long periods of time in cloudy, rainy, snowy weather depletes my energy, my reactions, and my ability to move out of the way of puddle splashing cars. 

I confess: I love splashing through puddles. It was a rare treat if you grew up in the desert. DC however gets plenty of rain and puddles, and perhaps for this very reason is considered the fifth rudest city in America. Drivers down town couldn't care less about splashing the little people who walk to work, or even running down a pedestrian or cyclist. Sad but true. I received a head to toe shower on the corner of 18th and P St. NW from a shining example of our rude city status. Could the Jag have moved over one foot and avoided the puddle? Absolutely. Did he? Not so much. To make it that much more comical, being soaked with dirty street water distracted me so much, that when I went to cross the street I stepped on a road killed critter. I'm still debating which is worse.

There really isn't a recovery from starting your day off so poorly. Thankfully, that was not this morning. That day is behind me now, though not enough for comfort. Like many people, I turn to ice cream for comfort. The ice cream didn't fully take the sting off, but when you combine it with bad (and by bad I mean AMAZING) 80s movies, a snuggie, and a steaming hot shower it really makes you forget you stepped on a dead rat, and got sprayed with dirty rat street water. I ♥ DC. 

And on that lovely note: Enjoy! And may your commuting go better than mine! 

Chocolate Pomegranate Ice Cream

2/3 cup white sugar
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
3 egg yolks, beaten
2 2/3 cups heavy cream
¼ cup pomegranate molasses (sold in whole foods, asian and arab markets)

In a stand mixer, stir together sugar and cocoa. Add egg yolks and molasses and blend on low. With the mixer remaining on low, add cream a little at a time. Once all cream is incorporated, continue to mix until soft peaks are formed. Chill mixture in refrigerator for roughly half an hour.

Freeze according to manufacturer's instructions. Pour ice cream into a suitable freezing container and allow to freeze until set hard.