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Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla sugar can be used in most any recipe you use white granulated sugar in to add a hint of vanilla.
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Years ago I "discovered" vanilla sugar at my local spice store. As I am neither Lewis or Clark, discovered is a relative term, I can't claim to have even discovered the spice store I was in. I consider it one of the downsides of the modern era that there is very little left to discover that does not involve copious amounts of math and sciences. If we could rewind a few hundred years to when discovery required hiking and a journal I'd.....still not be allowed because women had no rights, but I would have at least had the right skill set. 

Vanilla sugar was the first flavored sugar that I ever tried or cooked with, and it remains a favorite. I keep a small bottle at work for my pomegranate tea, and a large bottle at home for baking. Like with most things, buying the sugar from a spice shop soon seemed unreasonable. Why pay for someone to do what I can do myself?

The first attempt was bland. I just pulled an Alton Brown recipe of the web. The "add one vanilla bean to two cups of sugar" recipe was ridiculous. Simple is only okay when it has acceptable results. This was not. Started hunting around, found another that was one bean to one cup.....better....but lacking still. So, what do you do when even Epicurious fails you? Strike out on your own to "discover" something better. 

The idea is simple: 1:2 was pathetic, 1:1 was meh, so 3:1?! Finally! I hope you enjoy this vanilla sugar! It can be used in most any recipe you use white granulated sugar in to add a hint of vanilla. Enjoy! 

Can be used for:

Vanilla Sugar

3 high quality vanilla beans
1 cup white sugar

Split the vanilla beans and cut into one inch pieces. Combine in a food processor with one cup of sugar. Pulse until the vanilla beans are thoroughly mixed in. 

Pour the mixture into an air tight jar. Allow to sit for two weeks. 

Strain the sugar through a fine sieve to remove large fibrous pieces of vanilla bean. Return the vanilla sugar to the air tight jar. It is now ready to use for baking or teas. 


  1. I just bought my first ever vanilla beans and had planned on doing this myself. My only problem is that I doubt that the beans are "high quality"...I bought them at Target. Where do you buy your beans?

  2. I've always wanted to try this, but never get around to it.

  3. i buy Madagascar bourbon beans from penzeys usually because of the good price. they're good quality, not best, but very good.

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  5. So easy! I have to try this one. Seems silly not to!

  6. All kinds of cocktail recipe adaptations are running through my head with your vanilla syrup....

  7. I just made my own for a recipe and it turned out great.

  8. I've always read about vanilla sugar but have yet to try it. Thanks for letting us know your finds on the ratio! ♥- Katrina

  9. I keep a jar of vanilla sugar and don't use the store bought ones because of alcohol in it
    lovely pictures

  10. I loved the recipe! Actually need to do it. Here in Brazil it costs a lot of vanilla
    so expensive and I believe will yield more and more often and I can use in recipes
    varied! Thank you!

  11. love the pictures. :) saving to my online cookbook (

  12. I am addicted to vanilla and your post makes me want to eat! Here is my last post on vanilla too:

    Vanilla sugar is a must-have at home :)


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