Shirley Temples

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pictured: butterbeer caramel soda, bubblegum soda and shirley temples
I've had it. Reading the For Dummies books is ruining my life's happiness. Not because they mean to, but because they mean well.....and I'm apparently not doing as well as they would like. I started out reading Small Businesses for Dummies. Okay, fine. I learned a lot and it kicked my butt into starting to put my finances in a better order. I started doing good things like setting up a business account for Cherry Tea Cakes, having six months of money in the bank, contributing to my 401k and in general thinking about retirement forty some odd years before it might happen. This depressed me. So, then I put small business book down and picked up 50 Ways to a Better You for Dummies.

Yes, it's a shameful book that I imagine was only purchased by me. Ya know what, it was on sale for a dollar so sue me. Actually don't. I can't afford it. In reading this book, they begin by telling their readers it's a bit ridiculous to believe that you will be happy before you are 45. Apparently, until that age you do all the changing, finding and growing that allows you to coast from then on out in happy contentment. You built the business, bought the home, found the spouse, had the kids,  and can maybe afford that boat you always wanted. Cool. One problem: I'm twenty years from that. I'm building a business that donates to charity, not gonna make money there, no home, no spouse, thankfully no kids since I have neither the money to buy them clothes nor a house to put them in, and I definitely do not have a fact, I just bought Home Buying for Dummies. I figured okay, that's the next step. You should just laugh now. No good has come or will come out of these books.

Last night I learned about all the extra things you have to pay for in purchasing a house...the horrid details of closing costs, getting ideas on home owners insurance, mortgages and the like. Yep. These books are just leading me on a downward spiral. And just think, only twenty more years of this!

With all this glorious learning I'm doing, frankly, my daily need for a mocktail is increasing. Today's concoction of choice: the Shirley Temple. And if the next few chapters of Home Buying for Dummies is like the last, don't be surprised if you find me slumped on the kitchen floor eating cherries from the jar. When people look back and miss their youth, I wonder if they think of the days like this. :)

Cheers to all of you with another twenty years of this to go! And if you've made it out alive, kudos to you! Shout out some hope from the other side!

Shirley Temples

1/4 part lemon juice
1/4 part lime juice
1 part simple syrup
4 parts club soda
1 part grenadine
1 maraschino cherry

Stir to combine all ingredients and serve on the rocks.