Blue Bubblegum Soda

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As many of you know (and some of you are about to learn), Cherry Tea is a play on charity. My blog donates its proceeds to local area food banks. Frankly, those of us who spend hours obsessing over gourmet food, blogs and trends could stand to give a bit more of our food away. It's a complete shame that people are hungry while others are overindulging. So... I like the Robin Hood idea. I'll take the money I make off the foodies and send it towards the foodless. In fact, somebody start that charity: Foodies for the Foodless. Ready....go!

I'm a part of the Foodbuzz community who recently let us food bloggers know that Yahoo! has given $20,000 on their behalf to Share our Strength, a children's hunger advocacy group. I wish those on top did things like this more often. As a "thank you" of sorts, wouldn't it just be sweet to change your homepage to Yahoo! and let big business know that being a good business is important too? or simply Share the campaign with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers or make a donation to your local area food bank.

Today's little blog recipe is a toast to children: blue bubblegum soda! Don't like blue? Fine. Pick whatever color of bubblegum balls you like and take a swig. It tastes like bubblegum alright....and had better since the only other ingredients are water and club soda. If you love bubblegum, you'll love this. If you don't like bubblegum, PLEASE stay away, as this one backs a bubble-blown-up-in-your-face kinda punch!

The most important piece of advice to follow is to make sure you wrap the bubblegum balls in cheese cloth. I cannot stress this enough. Remember getting bubblegum in your hair? now imagine it melted to the bottom of your pots. (Mine has been sitting in the freezer, slowly getting chipped off day by day. Beastly stuff). It's not a pretty sight, and it doesn't do to swear in front of the bubblegum soda drinking children. Cheese cloth for the win.

Cheers to bubblegum, childhood, summertime, and summer foods, and sharing "some-more" foods with those in need!

Bubblegum Soda

1 cup gum balls
1 cup water
club soda

Wrap gum balls in a cheese cloth. If the "melted" gum balls touch the side of the pan it will be a horrible mess to clean up. Soak the bagged gum balls in boiling water for five minutes. Remove bag of "melted" gum balls and discard. Allow gumball syrup to cool.

Mix one part gum ball syrup with seven parts club soda.