Valentine's "Nuts About You!" Craft

nuts about you craft from
For Valentines last year I made some sad sad horrid little cookies that ended up breaking glass shards in them. Fail. The year before that I made some valentine's fortune cookies and ended up breaking up with the guy (okay like 8 months later but c'mon! it was good word play). This year I decided cookies were a BAD plan. They don't seem to work out for me. My valentines instead will be receiving these little packages filled with Valentines Jordon Almonds that I got from Oh Nuts. Cute eh? The tagline is: [Insert name here] I'm nuts about you because [of the reason I inserted here]. Cute? Cheesy? Adorable? All of the above. 

Now, for those of you who paid close attention to the photo it calls Butchie my son. It's an inside story.  If you liked reading the photo, try reading the story! ....and yes, Brandon's box says "rawr!" No it's not exactly a touching heartfelt message for your boyfriend.....but if you're boyfriend has a small obsession with T-Rex humor it's fitting. Rawr means I love you in dinosaur after all. 

Now, I'm pretty sure the steps to this crafts are easy: 1. get nuts. 2. put them in a container 3. put a piece of paper on it that says "i'm nuts about you!" and done. :) If you get lost in Well. Sorry??? 

I hope you all have a lovely Valentines! I'm running off to a weekend trip to Seattle! Literally running, flights in 2 hours! Woot! Sure beats fortune cookies and glass shards! 

Thanks for being my readers. I giggle every time someone posts about their husband drooling over the screen, or how well a recipe turned out! I'm nuts about all of you too! Happy Valentines!