homemade thin mints

homemade thin mints recipe from cherryteacakes.com
This weekend has been spent in preparations for my annual gingerbread house competition. I should clarify: we don't really make houses, and it's not really a competition. Brandon and I are simply competitive people. I have this odd belief that since I bake often, decorate cakes and oh say, have a food blog, I should be able to make a better gingerbread house. This has not proven to be true. I plan meticulous, spend hours creating patterns, and he just wings it and it. is. amazing. ....and infuriating. This year I'm making a gingerbread carousel and I intend to dominate. I hope. I hope. I hope.

So why the thin mints?

Eating the gingerbread supplies during the building process is frowned upon. I have at least twelve friends coming to build homes, and if we all eat the candy canes my carousel is in big trouble. To prevent snacking on my structural support I'm providing a diversion. Thins mints certainly are that! Not to mention that they are my new favorite recipe. Yes. Fav-or-ite. I mean it.

The recipe is one I recently created and can be found on Sheknows.com.

A few notes: I prefer to use Dutch Process Cocoa, kosher salt, and most recently I tried cutting the unsalted butter in the chocolate glaze to 1/3 of a cup and found that the small decrease rid the cookies of a slight butter aftertaste. If you're going to do sprinkles, put them on immediately. The chocolate will set quickly.  

Enjoy and a happy holiday season to you all!