Wreath Cookies

Lately I've been doing a good bit of blogging and baking for SheKnows.com. These almond sandies are one of the recipes I recently did for a one-dough-four-ways article. An almond sandie is an adaptation of a pecan sandie, and if that still means nothing to you it's basically a short bread cookie with added ground almonds I received from OhNuts.com. The real cuteness is that instead of rolling and cutting the dough into shapes, I pressed it into the bottom of a mini bundt pan. Bake as usual, allow to cool, and dunk is a nice green glaze and you have yourself a holiday wreath! 

For the full recipe visit my article on SheKnows.com. While you are there, I truly recommend the homemade thin mints! I'm extremely happy with them! 

Cheers! And happy holidays!