DIY Sequin Cake

That there is a lovely cake a friend ordered for her mother's 50th birthday. Lucky mom! The inside is the raspberry lemon upside down cake I posted last week. And the sequins? All hand made sprinkles!

If you are thinking that making your own sprinkles is insane and would take forever, it's not true! But, you can shop online and buy all white quins. But it's not cheap!

I cut out all those sprinkles in an hour. It's worth it to save yourself endless coats of gold paint! All my sprinkles are basic white fondant circles made using a round "plunger" I bought at the craft store. You can also use the end of a piping tip! They airbrush perfectly! I used Wilton's edible spray gold that I bought at a craft store! Surprisingly easy for such a great looking cake!
 Step One: Crumb Coat your cake! You can do a proper layer after. And you should. I didn't, but wished I had. Learn from my mistakes!
Step Two: You can stick the sprinkles straight into buttercream frosting without a problem! My frosting was the cream cheese frosting I use for old fashioned sugar cookies.
Step Three: Cover the whole cake with sprinkles! Just keep pressing them on!  I occassionally would use a knife to flatten down the sequins. Pro tip: If you want to stick any sequins on individually, corn syrup makes an AMAZING edible glue!
Step Four: Get spraying! I used Wilton edible spray gold! I bought a can at the craft store and it worked perfectly! Wilton makes many nearly ten colors! I've also used their pearly white and it's lovely!
Step Five: Fix any gaps. This is when I'd spin it around and glue on a couple sequins using corn syrup to fill in any gaps I see. Spray again, and repeat as necessary! 
Step Six: If you have a second layer you are using, stack em' up! My second layer is a dummy cake covered in marshmallow fondant. 
Step Seven: Move your cake to it's serving platter and adorn as you like! I added a small gumpaste rose, but for the party we'll throw a blinged out 50 up top! Easy peasy!

Want to pin just the pictures all in one go? Here they are! Good luck with your own sequin cakes!