Watercolor Cake

I have a love hate relationship with this cake. I love it. It's lovely. It's also the easiest, fastest cake I've ever decorated. That's the rub. I spend hours, and hours, on other gorgeous cakes and this one takes ten minutes and is just as lovely!

This is the cake for people who think they can't do cakes. If you can blob on frosting and kinda sorta smooth it down, this is your cake!...she said, throwing a wink and a nudge at her sister.

Step One:

Start out with a crumb coated cake. I was using the same buttercream frosting that I use for my old fashioned sugar cookies. There is no need to get particularly smooth on the frosting. When it's covered, set it in the fridge for about half an hour or more.

 Step Two:

Color your frosting. I made a light green, light purple, light blue, dark blue, pink, and yellow. For this particular cake you need more of the blues and greens, and very little of the purple, pink and yellow, but you can use any colors you want!

Blob on the frosting. Aren't you glad I'm being so specific? :) Blob away! For this cake I focused the darker colors at the bottom, lighter at the top. I only blobbed on the blues, green and purple to create a background.
Step Three: 

Smooth it out. Smooth as much or as little as you like. I preferred a little as it looked more like water that way. 

Step Four: 

Add some small pink blobs. Directly under them, add a wavy line of green and blob wavy blob of dark blue. This created the impression of a water lily, pad and shadowed water. 

I then slightly smoothed the green and blue. I wanted the colors the blend slightly into the background.

And as you'll see in the next picture, I piped on a tiny yellow dot on each flower to mimic the center or a waterlily or lotus. 

Voila! A finished waterlily/watercolor cake! If you want to check out some of my other cake tutorials, you can see them all right here!

Not a big fan of waterlilies? Prefer daisies? Do the background in dark green, light green, white, and yellow. Replace pink blobs with white or yellow daisies. Make shadows with dark green, blob on little bits of black for centers. Easy peasy. 

If you want a quick photo guide pin the photo collage below! You can skip reading all my "super specific" instructions. :) You don't need them! You can blob with the best of them!