Mug Cake

 With the Olympics drawing to a close my red, white and blue pride is showing! ....okay. Lame excuse. But any excuse for mug cake, right?

 I've tried a many a mug cake. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my mug brownies, but mug cakes never come out like cake.....or food. They always seem to be a gloppy mess. Not so with this recipe! Look at that mug cake! That's a proper cake!

 I couldn't help decorating with more sprinkles. Any excuse is a good excuse for mug cakes and sprinkles! I added a little cream cheese frosting for flair.

So. I know what you're thinking. SHUT UP AND GIMME SOME CAKE. Done.

The Mug Cake

3 tablespoons cake mix
2 tablespoons soda pop

Mix together and microwave for up to two minutes until fully cooked!

Want funfetti? Mix in some sprinkles! Be careful not to overmix!

Can be made with any mix and any soda for tons of fun flavors! The ones in this post were made with white cake mix and Sprite!